Doing business responsibly

Integrity at every level

In our role as a service partner, it is very important to us to offer holistic solutions geared toward the specific needs of our clients. The Dussmann Group ensures transparent reporting and disclosure of our sustainability performance for internal and external stakeholders. We focus on responsible corporate governance for sustainable growth.

The dimension of governance encompasses all measures and processes for complying with and implementing our quality standards and due diligence obligations all along our supply chains. Ethical conduct and strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards, and the requirements of our internal and external stakeholders form the basis for our success as a company.

Our governance goals

In our role as a service partner, we strive for high, reliable quality in the services we provide. We achieve this through our own monitoring activities and by evaluating our subcontractors and suppliers. We use the following key indicators as guidance toward our aim of being a partner of choice to our clients in the long term:

4 Audits
90 %
98 %

Compliance at the Dussmann Group

At Dussmann, compliance means much more than merely observing laws and internal guidelines. It forms the basis for all our decisions and activities and is the key to integrity in our actions as a business. 

Conduct that demonstrates integrity and compliance with rules is crucial to Dussmann’s ongoing success. We have zero tolerance for corruption, unfair competitive practices, or any other legal violations in our business activities. All this is set down in our Code of Conduct. 

Compliance management

Compliant behaviour within the company is ensured through the Dussmann Group compliance management system. It includes all measures we take to ensure that our business is always fully compliant with applicable laws and with our internal rules and principles. A comprehensive approach supports our goal of making responsible conduct a lasting part of the thoughts and actions of all our employees.

Our code of conduct. Our responsibility.

The Dussmann Group Code of Conduct forms the basis for our responsible actions toward colleagues, business partners, and society at large. It sets out our principles as binding, clear rules of conduct.

We expect our employees, suppliers, and business partners to identify with our ethical principles and act accordingly.

Want to learn more about our Code of Conduct?

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The Dussmann Group whistleblower system

Employees can report violations of our code of conduct to the confidential Dussmann Group whistleblower system at any time. External parties and business partners can also submit reports via the appropriate channels, if there are specific indications of violations. All reports that are received undergo rigorous review and follow-up. Throughout the process, we aim to ensure a fair procedure to protect the whistleblower, those affected, and others who may be involved. There is zero tolerance for discrimination against persons, who help to ensure compliance at Dussmann. Those affected are presumed innocent unless and until a violation is proven to have occurred. All reports are treated as strictly confidential.

Submit a message

You can submit reports of violations to the compliance department of the Dussmann Group via e-mail.

E-Mail to the Compliance Department

The Dussmann Group ombudsman

In addition to the compliance department, our external ombudsman also accepts reports of possible serious violations and performs an independent review. Jesko Trahms, the attorney who serves as our ombudsman, is obligated to ensure confidentiality and does not share information with the relevant compliance department for processing except with express consent. Upon request, information can also be shared anonymously.

Jesko Trahms
BDO Legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Zielstattstraße 40, 81379 Munich
+49 89 74325234

Sustainability Report of the Dussmann Group

In our role as a service partner, we believe it is important to offer holistic solutions aligned toward our clients’ needs. The Dussmann Group sustainability report provides a detailed description of the specific measures we take to enhance the quality level.