Our guide in moving toward a successful sustainability strategy

Crafting an impactful ESG strategy

When it comes to designing one’s own sustainability strategy, there are many different topics that can be considered across all three ESG dimensions. But from the environment to social matters and governance, not every sustainability aspect is equally relevant to every company or its stakeholders.

To identify the topics important to the Dussmann Group from among the many different possible aspects, we have been relying on what is known as a materiality assessment for years. We engage in close dialogue with our external stakeholders about this, working together to identify which aspects should be the focus of our ESG strategy.

Double materiality

A holistic view of sustainability

At the Dussmann Group, we follow the double materiality approach, one of the key elements of the European sustainability reporting standard. This means that we distinguish between two perspectives as we determine material aspects of sustainability. The first of these is the inside-out perspective, which encompasses those ESG topics that are significantly influenced by our business actions. At the same time, we also consider the outside-in perspective, which looks mainly at the ESG topics that constitute relevant opportunities and risks for our company and the Dussmann Group’s success in business.

The materiality matrix

Our topics of focus: an overview

Our materiality matrix depicts which sustainability aspects are material to the Dussmann Group. It is based on extensive surveys and analyses, which we perform annually with our clients, suppliers, and other important stakeholders, and is further developed and calibrated on an ongoing basis. Although we have identified certain strategic priorities through the analysis process, we do diligently pursue all of the topics shown in the matrix.

This year, we also optimized the form in which the matrix is visualized so it also includes the inside-out perspective. The size of the dots indicates the extent of our business activities’ impact on all ESG dimensions.

Sustainability report of the Dussmann Group

Our responsibility for the environment, social matters, and corporate governance has been an integral part of our company policy since 2018. Since then, we have been publishing our annual sustainability report, highlighting our achievements and actions as well as our concrete goals. Download the report to learn more about the progress we have made and our planned activities.