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The Dussmann Group: a leading family company, worldwide

First founded by Peter Dussmann in 1963, the Dussmann Group has earned an outstanding worldwide reputation as a service company, represented in 21 countries, in the years since then. Its success is confirmed by Stiftung Familienunternehmen, the Foundation for Family Businesses in Germany and Europe, which has named the Dussmann Group one of Germany’s most important family businesses. Take a look at the company’s last fiscal year here.

Current insight

The Dussmann Group: an overview

With a broad range of services, the Dussmann Group enjoys worldwide success and has also made a name for itself on the global market. From facility management, food service, technical building equipment and industrial engineering to caring for seniors, providing child care for working parents, and media retail – the Dussmann Group is distinguished by the utmost in quality in every area where it does business. At the same time, the Dussmann Group has always made efforts to give back to society, whether by training new generations of workers or by upholding stringent ethical standards. This symbiotic relationship is a profitable one, as a look at the business figures shows:



The business year 2023 in figures 

In 2023, the Dussmann Group looked back on a strong fiscal year worldwide, earning record sales of 3 billion euros. The shares contributed by our individual divisions and the trend compared to the previous year are reflected in the detailed overview.

Consolidated sales of the Dussmann Group


Statistics with sales figures 2023
Pie chart of sales figures

Development in consolidated group sales

Tabular presentation of consolidated sales of the Dussmann Group

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Number of employees of the Dussmann Group


Number of employees of the Dussmann Group 2023