Dussmann KulturKindergarten

Your child care center for working parents

Dussmann KulturKindergarten

Contribution to the reconciling career and family life

Dussmann KulturKindergarten, a Dussmann Group company, is represented in five states in Germany. We are your capable partner when it comes to child care for working parents. Our approach is guided by the circumstances and requirements of the company where the parents work, along with employees’ needs for balancing work and family life. The team has expertise in both education and business.

Dussmann KulturKindergarten facilities are bilingual and guided by the “situation-based pedagogy” approach. This approach builds on the relevant situation of the kids and their families. We also take care to foster children’s language development. They learn English through play thanks to our native speaking employees, for example. Special cultural projects also enrich the children’s day-to-day experience and encourage learning and participation.

What we offer: overview

  • Long, flexible hours as required
  • Situation-based pedagogy approach 
  • Special cultural profile; cooperation with numerous local cultural partners 
  • Bilingual education thanks to a high proportion of early childhood educators who are native speakers of English
  • Full range of services, from planning to day-to-day business
Educator swinging with child

This is why childcare close to the workplace is so important:

Dussmann KulturKindergarten provides child care for working parents, contributing to a topic that is becoming more and more important across society: balancing family and working life. Being able to balance these needs is vitally important, not just for families with two working parents, but also for single parents. Our facilities are located in close proximity to where the parents work and feature extended hours tailored to specific companies, so each KulturKindergarten location helps raise awareness at businesses themselves and meet the growing need among employees. The figures speak for themselves:

92 %
64 %
< 40 %

Experience culture and learn methodically

In the Dussmann KulturKindergartens, children become discoverers, explorers and creators. The educators in the company-affiliated facilities work according to the situational approach and stand for the best possible support of the children by applying the most modern pedagogical concepts. In addition to the cultural focus in the KulturKindergärten, the offering is also characterized by early immersion with foreign languages - supported by the high proportion of native-speaking staff.