Using resources efficiently

Responsible actions to protect the environment

Every decision we make directly affects our ecosystems. It is essential to identify negative environmental impact along the entire value chain and eliminate it on a long-term basis. After all, protecting the natural environment, that sustains life all around us, is a task that is both urgent and essential. At the Dussmann Group, we tackle this ongoing challenge with passion and responsibility and have set ambitious goals for ourselves. We aim to minimize our carbon footprint, and strive to achieve climate neutrality as a family company.

Efficient use of our resources is the key to success here. For example, the fuel consumption of our vehicle fleet accounts for a significant part of our environmental footprint. We can actively reduce our footprint by planning our routes intelligently and implementing further sustainable solutions. Beyond road transportation itself, in other areas of the Dussmann Group, even through small changes resources can be saved and the use of ecofriendly working materials can be implemented.

Our environmental goals

Our sustainability strategy encompasses a large number of measures that help to protect the natural environment that sustains life all around us. Alongside modernizing our vehicle fleet and optimizing our route planning, we also help protect the environment by including going paperless in our day-to-day office operations and using sustainable cleaning agents. Through it all, we always keep our goals in mind:

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Dussmann Group sustainability report

The Dussmann Group sustainability report explains in detail what concrete measures have been taken to reach our environmental goals and the specifics of how we have determined and reduced our carbon footprint.