Social commitment

Participate. Share. Give back.

Culture is about sharing

Peter Dussmann laid the foundation. We build on it.

Commitment and a sense of responsibility are two important elements of our company and were always close to the heart of Peter Dussmann, founder of the Dussmann Group. His wife, Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann, has carried on the same tradition since his death, in 2013, with special focus on supporting projects dedicated to cultural education for children and teens.

Alongside many self-initiated donation campaigns across the Dussmann Group for childcare centers, schools, hospital pediatric wards, and facilities for young refugees, our employees provide volunteer support for charitable and nonprofit organizations and initiatives worldwide.Thereby not only giving back to society, but also creating team spirit that carries over into the workplace.

Support of Young Musical Talent

The promotion of young musical talent is a central concern of the Dussmann Group. The company sponsors the annual music awards at the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach music high school in Berlin and the winners subsequently perform on the stage at the KulturKaufhaus.

Child plays cello

Dussmann Social Day

In 2013, the first Social Day was organized on the initiative of Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann. Since then, it has become an annual tradition for the executive board members and personnel. Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann is confident that "our social day promotes the culture of helping in Germany - enough talk, hands on!"


Dussmann employees do handicrafts in a social institution

Dussmann provides aid to flood victims in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Our facility management employees at Dussmann Gulf are professionals in their day-to-day work, but that isn’t all. They also shine in extraordinary situations. In the summer of 2022, when the city of Fujairah, UAE, experienced torrential rainfall, our team didn’t hesitate signing up right away to help clean up after the floodwaters receded.

Our local Dussmann employees worked with the city management to coordinate the volunteer campaign and provide people in the hard-hit region with fast, uncomplicated aid and get them back to their homes as soon as possible. Dussmann Gulf, as the first supporting company, was also instrumental in providing aid to flood victims and headed further teams from various government agencies and companies.

The team of volunteers worked energetically for several days to clean the streets and homes of the flood victims in Fujairah – nearly ten hectares of space in all.

Beat Diabetes Day in Dubai

In our role as a sponsor of the Beat Diabetes Festival, the Dussmann Group works closely with Dussmann Gulf and Dussmann-Ajlan & Bros in Dubai to support this initiative, which was launched by our client Landmark Group. The initiative encompasses the annual Beat Diabetes Walk, various workshops, and interactive games - all aimed at raising awareness of diabetes, a disease that affects over 500 million people worldwide. The event is a fixture on the Dussmann employees’ calendars, and we are very proud of our local Dussmann team for viewing this event as an absolute must each year. We really appreciate their wonderful dedication to the cause.

Team photo with employees of the Dussmann Group at the Beat Diabetes Run in Dubai

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is celebrated every year with the objective of removing litter from roads, plazas, parks, parking lots, riverbanks, and natural areas all at once, in as many countries around the world as possible.

A large number of volunteers from the STS Group, which specializes in electrical engineering, signed up for World Cleanup Day in 2022, collecting 232.7kg of waste in three countries. On this annual event, people around the world send a strong message for a clean and plastic waste-free environment.The volunteers traded in their usual tools for gloves and garbage bags to collectlitter. Teams in Cork, Dublin, and Waterford, Ireland, as well as in Lengnau, Switzerland, cleaned public sidewalks and paths, parking lots, streets, and green areas by picking up trash. The team in Bahrain cleaned Malkiya Beach.  


Dussmann Italy: tree planting campaign

As part of a campaign run by Foresta Italia, Dussmann Italy helped to plant 500 trees at Parco della Colletta in Turin. The trees will absorb 225,000kg of CO2 each year. The initiative, which is supported by Rete Clima, aims to create urban forests to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. Dussmann Italy was thrilled to join this environmental project to do its part to help restore natural habitats and fight global climate change. The project is an excellent example of how to put corporate environmental responsibility into action.



Lions Charity Run in Austria

Giving back by running was the goal for 14 athletic colleagues from Dussmann Austria as they braved the wind and weather during the international Lions Charity Run.  In all, some 2,100 people from five continents participated, collecting over 33,000 euros in donations for children with diabetes and regional aid projects. 

Lion with certificates of participation