Enhancing Security: Dussmann and Code Blue Launch Innovative Cybersecurity Joint Venture

  • Dussmann bolsters services with comprehensive cyber security solutions, safeguarding organizations throughout the entire lifecycle: before, during, and after cyberattacks, fortifying the strongest protection shield
  • Global demand surges for comprehensive IT security measures as regional threats and attacks increase jeopardizing business and market stability
  • Israeli partner Code Blue Ltd. is bringing vast cyber crisis management experience into the joint venture, with a proven track record in major German and global crise
Team photo with representatives of Code Blue Ltd. and Dussmann Group
f.l. Refael Franco, founder and CEO Code Blue Ltd., Christian Milde, Managing Director Code Blue GmbH, Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch, CEO of Dussmann Group

07.09.2023 – The Berlin-based service company Dussmann and Code Blue Ltd., headquartered in Tel Aviv, have launched Code Blue by Dussmann, a cybersecurity joint venture. The joint venture is evenly divided between the partners. Code Blue Ltd. has a track record of many complex cyber-crises involving critical assets, minimizing the impact on its international clients. Israeli experts are widely regarded as leaders in the field of cybersecurity. Refael Franco, the founder of Code Blue Ltd., served as the Deputy Head of the Israeli National Cyber Directorate, overseeing strategic operations aimed at safeguarding national infrastructure and election campaigns, and managing complex global crises.

The new company, Code Blue GmbH, will be headquartered in Frankfurt on the Main. The main offering is to provide extensive security services for before, during, and after cyberattacks. The joint venture has two core competencies. The first is providing optimum protection against cyber-threats for companies and institutions in Germany, while the second involves preparing these entities for the likelihood of a successful cyberattack: starting with the identification of vulnerabilities, through the development of security strategies and emergency plans, to intervention in the event of an emergency.

“The challenges of cybersecurity are highly considerable, and they will further continue to grow. Code Blue by Dussmann combines Dussmann’s know-how in physical security services with the comprehensive expertise of our Israeli partners at Code Blue Ltd. in managing cyber-crises,” says Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch, CEO of the Dussmann Group. Dussmann, founded in 1963, is the largest division of the Dussmann Group. It operates in 21 countries, partnering with clients to provide solutions in the areas of facility management, food services, and technical plant and systems engineering. Dussmann broadened its spectrum to include a full range of security services 35 years ago, including state-of-the-art surveillance technology with digital video towers, drones, robots, and the company’s own, DIN EN 50518 and VdS 3138 certified alarm receiving center. According to a recent Lünendonk study, Dussmann is among Germany’s largest providers of security services. 

The Code Blue crisis perception encompasses a comprehensive and unique method designed to minimize the duration of cyber crises and mitigate damage to clients. This is achieved through the integration of various expertise areas, including risk management, reputation management, regulation, privacy intelligence, negotiations, technology, network rehabilitation, IT/OT, incident response (IR), and business continuity management.

Alongside strategic consulting and crisis management, Code Blue by Dussmann’s services will also include maintaining company processes and workflows during an attack or restoring them as quickly as possible through proactive cyber-defense. In the event of an attack, a forensic team gathers evidence that is then turned over to law enforcement to investigate.

Christian Milde, Managing Director of Code Blue GmbH, says: “Cyber-threats involving ransomware, malware, phishing, and DDoS attacks apply to all companies and institutions – especially those which will cut off thousands of people to go offline. The question isn’t whether a company will be hit with an attack, it’s when.”

The core team of Code Blue by Dussmann in Frankfurt collaborates with their counterparts at Code Blue Ltd. in Israel to identify vulnerabilities even before critical events occur. They can take proactive measures to establish robust Business Continuity Plans (BCP), thereby reducing collateral damage.

Refael Franco, founder, and CEO of Code Blue Ltd., adds "We are honored to be the pioneering Israeli cyber-crisis management firm establishing a unique partnership in Germany. In recent years, the level of risks and severity of crises has escalated. Given the growing prevalence of cyber crises in the EU, Dussmann has teamed up with us to craft an advanced cyber crisis management solution for the group and its clients. We witness today an increasing number of organizations, companies, and governments that recognize the critical importance of proactive preparation and holistic crises management to ensure business continuity. The convergence of Dussmann's excellence and Israeli innovation is poised to revolutionize the landscape of the EU cyber market."


Christian Milde (1973), Managing Director of Code Blue GmbH, has more than 25 years of experience in disaster recovery, building resilient networks, and IT and cyber-security. He most recently held the role of CEO Central Europe at expert cybersecurity firm Eye Security and served as General Manager Central Europe for software provider Kaspersky. Before that, he was Vice President of Partner Sales Worldwide at Avira. He was previously in charge of sales to corporate clients and OEMs in the role of Sales Director EMEA at Cyren. 

Refael Franco (1975), founder and CEO of Code Blue Ltd. started his career working in cybersecurity for the Israeli government and has nearly 30 years of experience in this segment. Before founding Code Blue Ltd., he was one of the Israel National Cyber Directorate founders (Israel's national regulatory authority) and led the Israel’s cyber-defense and special operations. Franco also has a master’s degree in emergency and disaster management. With Code Blue Ltd., he has developed an innovative, multi-disciplinary model for both pre-crisis preparedness and intervention during cyberattacks.

Further information https://codebluecyber.de

About the Dussmann Group:

Dussmann Group employs 66,000 people in 21 countries with ideas and a passion for people. In 2021, the service provider based in Berlin achieved consolidated sales of € 2.8 billion with its three business divisions. The largest business division Dussmann is a passionate solution partner in the areas of Facility Management, Food Services and Technical Solutions. Dussmann Facility Management bundles all integrated facility management services with a high level of in-house services: cleaning, security services, building services, electrical and communications technology as well as charging solutions for e-vehicles. Dussmann Food Services offers diverse and sustainable catering concepts for children, employees, patients, and guests in senior facilities with warm hospitality. Dussmann Technical Solutions comprises the business units in plant construction and technical services. They provide solutions for the entire life cycle of facilities and buildings, from planning, construction and commissioning to maintenance and repair in the areas of electrical engineering, refrigeration, and air conditioning as well as elevator technology. The Care & Kids division provides care and nursing services for 13,400 senior citizens with its "Kursana" brand and for businessrelated childcare with its "Dussmann KulturKindergarten" brand. Germany's largest media department store "Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus" in Berlin is also part of the family owned Dussmann Group.

About Code Blue Ltd.:

Code Blue Ltd., based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has overcome many complex cyber-crises, minimizing the impact on its international clients. The team headed by Refael Franco, who spent years working for the Israeli government as a cybersecurity expert, specializes in cyber-risk management, reputation management, regulation, data protection and privacy information, negotiations, technology, network restoration, IT/OT, incident response (IR), and business continuity management (BCM). This collaborative approach ensures that Code Blue clients enjoy a competitive advantage in terms of operations, benefiting from a methodology that accelerates the process of overcoming cyber-crises and can limit the harm they cause.