"Caregivers are as valuable as gold"

24.04.2023 — 60 years of the Dussmann Group – on the occasion of the company jubilee the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) published an business talk with Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, and Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch, CEO of the Dussmann Group.   

"I was proud to work for the company from day one," says Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann. And it was part of the job for her to go everywhere, to listen, to ask questions. "My husband has been around the company a lot, and I also want to be visible. in the head office, for example, I know every cleaner."  

 The interview is about the roots and the multifaceted nature of the Dussmann Group's service portfolio, but also about current challenges and the development of the company. "We are now a Technical Company, you won't find anything like it on the market," is how Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann sums up the expansion of Dussmann Technical Solutions.  

 With regard to the international facility management business, Wolf Adlhoch says: "The tendency in the market is to offer everything from a single source because clients want to reduce complexity. The challenge is to be a specialist in all trades and also have integration expertise."  

 The company interview is a popular format of the business section of the FAZ, which is one of the most important national daily and business newspapers in Germany.  

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