Elisabeth Alexander from the KulturKaufhaus

Everyday Professional

15.09.2021 — Elisabeth Alexander has been working at the KulturKaufhaus since 2014. She is the project manager and creative expert at the DruckManufaktur. 

Frau Alexander, where can we find you at the KulturKaufhaus – and what do you do? 
I am a marketing project manager at KuKa and I manage the DruckManufaktur on the 2nd floor in the art book department, which we opened in September 2020. In this creative studio in the center of the store, we create beautiful print products, such as special editions and stationery products and we run creative workshops for our customers. My passion for art runs like a thread through my life, so it's no surprise that I ended up at KulturKaufhaus. 

What is the current focus?  
I am preparing for our workshops starting in September. I am very excited about getting creative and designing beautiful things with our customers again. 

What did the pandemic change last year?
Because of the pandemic, we were unable to run workshops for a long time. But you learn to adapt and rethink concepts in times of emergency and it became clear that we had to make use of digital infrastructures and inspire our customers to be creative with videos.  

The lockdown meant that many people had more time to read, and consumed more films and music, which we sell. It was especially important to us to encourage and entertain children with meaningful activities, such as books and games, during the lockdown. 

What new workshops are scheduled?  
We offer workshops on a number of artistic techniques, such as printing, bookbinding, collage illustration and origami paper folding. I'm especially excited about one where we will learn to carve stamps out of soft rubber. These are great, for example, for stamping greeting cards or wrapping paper at Christmastime.  

What is the best thing about the KulturManufaktur?  
Providing our customers with a world of experience that inspires them to be creative themselves. And it is a place where you can experience the manufacture of printed editions - a live insight into book history.