Mainova and Dussmann found joint venture Chargemaker for e-mobility solutions

03.08.2020 — Full service package by Chargemaker answers demands of corporate clients who require on-premise e-charging solutions • Joint venture partners pool expertise in energy supply, the establishment of charging infrastructure and technical facility management • Nationwide service provision planned

Mainova and Dussmann have founded Chargemaker, a joint venture for e-mobility solutions. Chargemaker GmbH will provide a full range of services nationwide, from a single source, that will give companies access to effective e-charging solutions. Services range from consulting and planning to installation, maintenance, servicing and invoicing management with the objective of developing and implementing sustainable mobility concepts.The operative tasks of installation, servicing and repair of charging infrastructure will be carried out by Dussmann Mobility Services GmbH.

By applying high standards of quality, Chargemaker plans to improve the charging station infrastructure in Germany and make the e-mobility conversion a reality. The two well-known and established joint venture partners pool their respective strengths in the project: Mainova contributes its experience as an energy supplier and infrastructural specialist and the Dussmann Group adds its expertise in integrated facility management and in the construction and servicing of technical facilities.

Chargemaker aims to serve companies that are building an e-vehicle fleet and require e-charging points on semi-public or company-owned premises or in underground car parks as a service to customers, employees or tenants. The operation of existing Mainova e-charging points will be taken on by Chargemaker. Starting in the Frankfurt Rhein-Main region, Chargemaker intends to expand its range of services and offer solutions throughout Germany. Mainova, Frankfurt am Main and the Dussmann Group, Berlin have equal shares in Chargemaker GmbH, founded June 9, 2020.

The Mainova board chairman, Dr. Constantin H. Alsheimer describes the joint venture: “In founding Chargemaker are seeing the establishment of a strong business. The expertise of each partner complements that of the other perfectly. Our common goal is to be pioneers and pacesetters, to build a successful operation nationwide and to be the first choice for corporate clients in the sustainable transition to e-mobility.”

Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch, Dussmann Group executive board spokesman comments: “With Chargemaker, we are aiding the transition to electric mobility in Germany. Chargemaker clients can choose from a range of e-charging points, making it incredibly easy for them to enter the world of e-mobility, modernize their vehicle fleet, increase the attractiveness of their real estate and set an example for climate protection. All this without having to immerse themselves in the complexity of the topic.”

Mainova board member, Norbert Breidenbach adds: “Chargemaker addresses companies in the housing sector or hotel chains with nationwide locations. We have the knowledge and the experience as an infrastructure provider to integrate e-mobility smoothly into the operations of our customers and to supply them with energy with the accustomed reliability. Chargemaker is a partner with dependable quality standards and solutions for the requirements of today - and of the future.”

The full-service range by Chargemaker

The range includes the following services. Information at

  • consulting, planning and establishment of customized charging infrastructure
  • an extensive range of services and invoicing management
  • nationwide, turn-key installation of charging stations - on request, including cabling
  • purchasing or contracting models
  • charging station management as a service
  • advice and support in setting up charging infrastructure as a business model

E-mobility in Germany
How can a successful transition to e-mobility be achieved in Germany? The German government's climate protection program has ambitious targets: up to ten million electric cars on Germany's roads by 2030. According to Statista, the figure for January 2020 was 136,600. The EU climate pact aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

The demand for charging infrastructure will increase and not always voluntary; many companies are already faced with new regulatory requirements. The new EU Building Efficiency Directive sets quotas for charging points in new buildings and during extensive building renovation. In Hesse, for example, the garage ordinance requires that electric charging points be installed in medium-sized and large garages. Chargemaker advises customers on applications, approvals and subsidy management to comply with these and other future regulations.

About Mainova:
The Mainova AG, based in Frankfurt am Main, is the largest energy supplier in Hesse supplying more than one million people with electricity, gas, heat and water. It also has numerous corporate customers throughout Germany. With 2,700 employees, the company generated sales of around 2.3 bill. Euros in 2019. The Mainova subsidiary NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH supplies Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region through an energy and water network of more than 14,000 km. Mainova Servicedienste GmbH carries out award-winning services and drives the energy revolution with the installation of smart meters. SRM Straßenbeleuchtung Rhein-Main provides reliable street lighting in Frankfurt and other concessionary municipalities. The largest shareholders of Mainova AG are Stadtwerke Frankfurt am Main Holding (75.2 percent) and Thüga, Munich (24.5 percent). The remaining shares (0.3 percent) are owned by a number of shareholders.

About the Dussmann Group:
With 64,500 employees in 22 countries, the Dussmann Group, based in Berlin, provides services for people, by people generating consolidated group sales of 2.13 bill. € in 2019. The largest service division, Dussmann Service, provides technical services, catering, security, reception, cleaning and surgical sterilization from a single source. Dussmann Technical Solutions (DTS), based in Frankfurt/Main, supplies solutions for the entire lifecycle of technical systems and buildings from engineering services and planning, through construction to maintenance and repair. DTS pools the expertise of DKA, HEBO and since 2019, also the electrical engineering specialist, STS, based in Waterford, Ireland. DKA constructs, installs and services all types of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems. HEBO Aufzugstechnik GmbH constructs premium elevators and modernizes and services existing elevators. Kursana nurses and cares for 13,600 seniors. The Dussmann Group operates the media department store Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Berlin and in-house corporate child-care at Dussmann KulturKindergarten facilities.
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