Acquisition of the electrical engineering specialist, the STS Group

08.07.2019 — A milestone for the new service division for technical systems and equipment, Dussmann Technical Solutions (DTS) / planning, installation, commissioning and servicing of all technical systems from a single source

The international services provider, Dussmann Group, Berlin, has completed the acquisition of the multinational engineering specialist STS Group, based in Waterford, Ireland. The purchase of STS took effect on July 1, 2019. The acquisition puts the Dussmann Group on a new course. STS will be integrated into the company division Dussmann Technical Solutions (DTS) which was newly founded in May 2019 together with existing technical systems specialists of the Group, DKA (refrigeration and air-conditioning) and HEBO (elevator manufacture and services). STS operative units with a total of 700 employees, will remain independent subsidiaries within DTS.

The DTS platform strategy pools Dussmann specialists for technical building systems and equipment. DTS provides services throughout the life cycle of technical systems and buildings, from engineering and planning to installation, servicing and repair in certified quality from a single source. “Our personnel provide services and care for people of all ages; for the very young at the KulturKindergarten childcare centers to seniors at Kursana nursing and care facilities. With DTS, we are now involved in the entire life cycle of buildings” says Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann, chairwoman of the Dussmann Group board of trustees.

DTS will focus on clients with complex technical requirements and critical systems such as data centers, pharmaceutical companies and semiconductor manufacturers. DTS can now serve four of the five core technical fields: STS with electrical engineering and building automation, DKA with refrigeration and air-conditioning and HEBO with elevator manufacture and services. The Dussmann Group plans to be able to provide the fifth area of engineering expertise, room-air distribution, specifically for clean-rooms, through further acquisition in the course of this year.

Dr. Wolfgang Häfele, Dussmann Group executive board spokesman: “To achieve maximum client benefit, we are pooling the resources and expertise of STS, DKA and HEBO under the roof of DTS. The acquisition of STS is an important milestone. STS is a quality-oriented provider of engineering services with activities in many regions and contracts with blue-chip companies. It is an optimal addition to the existing technical portfolio.”

The facility management activities of the Dussmann Group under the brand Dussmann Service are ideally complemented by DTS: clients can access a broad scope of hard and soft services in certified quality, from a single hand – a unique proposition. The geographic coverage of service provision is pan-national.

About STS
STS is a provider of electrical engineering and instrumentation; design, installation and commissioning principally serving the pharmaceutical, medical instrumentation, data center, transportation and power distribution sectors. With global headquarters in Waterford, Ireland, STS has commissioned multiple projects for blue-chip clients across Europe and the Middle East. In 2018, the company generated sales of €150m and employs over 700 people.

About the Dussmann Group
With 66,122 employees in 17 countries, the Dussmann Group provides services for people, by people. The largest service division, Dussmann Service, provides technical services, catering, security, reception, cleaning, surgical sterilization, commercial facility management and energy management from a single source. Dussmann Technical Solutions (DTS) pools the Dussmann specialists for technical systems and equipment. Services throughout the entire life cycle of technical systems include planning, installation, servicing and repair to after-sales services in certified quality and from a single source. Gaetano Paolin installs and services air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating, electrical and mechanical systems and provides after-sales services. Kursana nurses and cares for 13,600 senior citizens. The Dussmann Group operates the media department store Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Berlin and in-house corporate child-care by Dussmann KulturKindergarten facilities. In 2018, the Dussmann Group generated total sales of €2.34 bn.