Anniversary film celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Dussmann Group

Employees show their 60th in short video messages!

05.06.2023 – The Dussmann Group has initiated numerous activities with employees on the occasion of its 60th anniversary this year. For the video, employees put together numerous creative and funny video scenes and photo contributions. The result is a video which is as diverse as the 66,000 employees of the Dussmann Group.

Peter Dussmann started with a handful of employees in 1963 with a home care service for bachelor apartments in Munich. Today, the Dussmann Group – now headquartered in Berlin – is one of the world’s largest family-owned service companies. Much has changed over the past six decades. The company has grown continuously, opened up new business areas and reinvented itself time and again. What has remained the same over 60 years and will continue to distinguish the Dussmann Group in the future is the excellent quality of its services and its passion for innovation.

In 2023, the Dussmann Group will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann, who has been responsible for the company on the Board of Trustees since her husband's death in 2013, is very proud of this: "Sixty years ago, my husband founded the company with 2,000 deutschmarks. And today - we are a major service company in 21 countries! With 66,000 employees at our side, we continue to grow and grow. I would like to thank everyone for that! I really appreciate how dedicated our colleagues are to our customers every day. They are the reason why our company continues to grow and prosper.”