Responsibility in the Dussmann Group

Ethical. Social. Appreciative.

Responsible actions

The foundation of our value system

Responsible actions and giving back to society are highly important to us as a family company. Combined with the economic success of the Dussmann Group, they constitute our company’s overarching aims. To achieve them, we ground our actions in two key principles: compliance in every area where we do business, and cultural engagement in all its facets.


Compliance along the entire value chain is the first pillar of our philosophy. We believe it is important to live up to our responsibility to give back to society as a family company. That’s why we work actively to comply with laws and standards and observe human rights in all aspects of our daily work at the Dussmann Group and have zero tolerance for violations of applicable law.

Responsibility also means thinking about tomorrow, today – that is the core idea behind the second pillar, cultural engagement. For this reason, the Dussmann Group is committed to cultural education on an ongoing basis, supporting numerous aid projects that support children and youth first and foremost. In addition to donations in kind and music competitions, the annual Dussmann Social Day is also among the projects we support.

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Our code of conduct forms the basis for fulfilling our entrepreneurial responsibility along the entire global value chain. Learn more about compliance at the Dussmann Group.


Hands touch each other

From donation campaigns to promotion of cultural education and support for individual projects, cultural engagement is an important element of our corporate identity at the Dussmann Group. Learn more about the projects we support.

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